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Ed NEdewor

According to, steal is to take the property of another or others without permission or right, especially secretly or by force. People steal because of greed or avarice. Almost every human has the tendency to steal from others. Evidence abound that the inbalance in the societies across the globe are consequences of stealing. People steal money, lands, crude oil, coal, animals, clothes, gold, copper, silver, diamond, fellow human etc and of course the weaker link is the looser. All these thieves go to churches on sunday and some go to mosques on fridays and others go to other places of worships. What are they doing in these surposedly holy places… beg for forgiveness or celebrate their loots? What about the people they killed directly or indirectly, would their blood be upon their pates? Stealing from from people is a sin, more serious when it involves weak or defenceless homosapiens erectus.

The worst thing is that a thief do not see any thing wrong in what he or she has done to others. How much wealth or money can a man spend in his life time? Even the Pharaohs of Egypt could not depart this world with wealth……..we came empty handed and will exit empty handed. Would thieves ever summon enough courage to return 50% of their loot? Would they go to heaven or hell? Your thoughts?