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Ed NEdewor

Heaven is an intangible paradise of people of FAITH. It is classified as an everlasting and resting place after physical death of human. It is a perfect planet free of stress, diseases, hatred, death, hunger, bills, thieves, criminals, earthquakes, disasters, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, ISIS, KKK, Slavery, pain medications, Marijuana, Cigas, cigarettes, Alcohols, casinos, Topless bars, cops, Rapists, gays and lesbians, floods, car and plane accidents, dictators, republicans, democrats, kings and queens, ponographics, scamists, religion fanatics, guns, WMD, hackers and so on and so forth.

Is Heaven real? If people of faith die why do we cry knowing they are going to a perfect planet? Is this just a pacifier prescribed and delivered to individuals of faith by their leaders? God have mercy on your people! Is there any physical evidence to buttress the fact that there is HEAVEN? Is it just an imagination based on faith and hope? Your thoughts? Happy new year.