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Ed NEdewor

Yes, the year 2014 was massively STRESSFUL. The “WHYS” are massively overwhelming too. The list of the STRESSORS were obviously palpable and they include but not limited to BOKO HARAM in Northern Nigeria in West Africa, ISIS terrorist group in Middle East, Vladimir Putin of Russia, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un(the Vertically challenged Dude), The disappearance of Malaysia Airline MH370 and other plane crashes, the space commercial testing flight crash, Syria’s civil war, The killing of black youngmen and adult and the killing of two innocent policemen in New York by Ambush, The shooting and killing in Canada’s government house, the global¬†economic problems,¬†the jumping and crashing of individual(s) into America’s white house, the political gridlock between the Republicans and Democrats in America’s political Arena, the Bill Cosby many women palava, the spread of Islamic radicals worldwide, the EBOLA VIRUS from west coast of Africa and so on and so forth.

Are all these the signs of END TIME? Are people rebelling against bad governments? Is the world getting more unsafe and Unstable? Is there any panacea for all these huge and ugly crises? Is poverty a catalyst to some of these aforementioned issues? Is Racism a contributing factor? I rest my case. Happy new year.