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Ed NEdewor

There are numerous reasons why Cults and Gangs groups are growing quickly. Topmost amongst them are poverty and inequality in various societies, bad leadership, easy accessibility to Guns and weapons and lack of deep and respect for Cultures and religions. Human society is gradually disintegrating into “Animal Kingdom” and “Survival of the Fittest”. Social Media, Television and Movies with violent definition are recipes for the geometric growth in Cults and Gangs groups…….Kids, young Adults and some Adults copy these bad behaviours and modify them to suit their purpose. Many politicians mostly in third World countries create and manure Gangs and Cults for their political gains. Drugs dealers, human smugglers or traffickers and Pimps are part of this Monster? Should we blame this problem on Money, Poverty, Bad leadership or the explosion in technology?

Would man be able to solve this equation with so many unknown factors? Would education of the public and addressing poverty issues globally be a way out? Are these happenings signs of end times?( I will debate this with my oldest brother who is an Elder(Christian)). Which countries in the world are top three with Cults and Gangs palaver? I don’t want to be Racial, I would have asked which Race is more engaged in Cults and Gangs related activities? What do people benefit from being a cult or gang member? Your Opinion?