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Ed NEdewor

People believe that man invented corruption via businesses, Governments, Greed and avarice, lust for accumulation of wealth, ” I am better than you”, racial classifications, Gender classifications, nations and continents formation and classifications. Let the truth be told, if the story as recorded in the Bible is correct then Satan and Eve are the genesis of corruption…….Q.E.D. The consumption of the fruit of knowledge opened the secret code to corruption and as knowledge grew man has crowned himself as his own worst enemy. Is corruption more dangerous than terrorism? Is corruption a precursor to global starvation and instability? Is there corruption in the churches and the Mosques? Is corruption now planted in the DNA of Human?

Corruption has infiltrated all aspects and facets of human endeavor and no one is making effort to kill or reduce it to a bearable minimum. Why are leaders quiet about global corruption, are they gaining from it directly or indirectly? Which continent is more corrupt in the world today? Which race is more corrupt in history? Join the debate and air your opinion. Welcome to