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Ed NEdewor

I will not date or marry a transgender because of the values that I am raised with. A relationship that will involve “canal classification” must be between a biological male and female, nothing more and nothing less……..authored by Mum and Dad. I will always relate with a biological woman as genesised by Adam and Eve and I am proud to say it loud. If I am presented with three plaques consisting of gay/lesbian, transgender and polygamism, I will gravitate towards the “poly”. Intercourse between a man and woman is specially authored by the supreme being for generation continuity and man should not alter it because of pressure. I do not want to judge a man but will sure keep the values that I am raised with. I can co-exist with any Homosapien Bipedalist who chooses to transit in mid life but please do not violet my tradition, the penis and vagina were authored by “osonobruwhe” at creation as key and lock model………..for generation sustenance.

What has driven man to this level of rebellion against the creator is unfathomable and needs to be nipped before we start having dog and human babies out of civilization gone out of control. Women do you still trust leaving your husbands with his male friends and vice versa? Shouldn’t we start worrying about our dogs with our spouses? Has our moral fibers been completely eroded? Shame on me, shame on you, shame on our leaders, shame on our civilization! Welcome to