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felix nana

Guns are meant to be symbols of power and authority,protection and defence.The use of guns and its wrong applications make it a big problem to mankind.If a gun is wrapped and kept safe away from prying eyes,it is then a toy.But the heart of man conjures things in the quest for power and domination engineered by greed.So most time,guns are put into wrong use like suppression,oppression,deprivation and vandalisation.Then the aim and urge for retaliation,retrieval and reclaimation brings guns into use.One cannot lay proper claim to the use of gun if the handler is not under control and proper management.Trained security people even sometime turn guns on their employers and perceived enemies.Once people,s mind are liberated,there will be less danger in handling and the use of guns.Guns are good when employed for protection and hunting of game.The people employing it for wrong use:greed ,pride and selfishness are the worst enemies of the world,not the gun by itself.