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Robert Okagbare

Corruption is by far a more serious problem than terrorism. Yes, there is corruption world wide but look at what it has done to Black African countries. Corruption has crippled citizens of Black African countries by taking away resources meant to build the continent and subjecting the people to the worse kind of economic hardship. What can be worse than a country that bride itself as a major crude oil supplier to other countries and yet has no gasoline for its citizens. A rich country that has no local hospital for its citizens. A government that knows the benefits of infrastructures like electricity, good roads, water supply and yet will not deliver same. A poverty stricken citizen struggles to pay for hospital card to see a doctor and come to find out that there is no doctor. A rich country that produce graduates who end up driving motor cycles as a means of public transportation to support themselves. A country where you rely on your money to protect you. A country where a state governor decides what road is to be repaired or what local government is to receive funding. It is my belief that some people are inherently deficient in moral value that make them feel superior over another person by subjecting the weaker ones to economic humiliation. On a global scale what values do Black Africans pride themselves of and are fighting for? It is not that we lack values but corruption stands in the way of doing the right thing. As a matter of fact, there is terrorism built into corruption. When the rich ones use their economic power to bride the poor to vote a certain way, this is a form of crude tactics to take away the pride and power of the poor. Both corruption and terrorism are bad. The difference is that one uses a crude means to fight others that it deem to be enemy while the other is a crime by the people against its people indiscriminately. In most part, we are all corrupt in some little ways and have benefited from it. Black Africans must change course. For decades we talked about corruption, we lack actions and this too must change. The African educational system must be restructured to reflect sense of personal pride, moral value, good governance and the people themselves should begin to accept the truth that they too hold the real power to fight a corrupt system.