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The question whether people should pay taxes to their governments has been a raging debate between the Utilitarians and the Libertarians. Questions raised by these two groups include:

Is tax a form of theft, rape, symbol of tyranny or the most criminal enterprise by governments?

As a compulsory levy on a person without his consent by a government, is it a coercive activity that introduces tyranny and force in a democratic society?

Is it necessary to humanity’s well being and the greatest good for the greatest number?

Is Charles Adams, a historian of taxation postulation that “without revenue, governments would collapse, society as we know it would disappear, and chaos would follow” still relevant in present day society?

Can’t societies operates seamlessly with less government coercive intrusion?

These are questions begging for answers. Whatever divide one may belong, it is instructive to note that taxation does not exist in a vacuum; it is done with as ends in mind.

All taxes are levied for a purpose – no government collects taxes merely to collect them!